Social Listening and the Financial Professional

Posted in: Staffing

Are you familiar with the term social listening? It’s an intriguing concept. As financial recruiters, we’re always on the lookout for new ideas to share with you to help you in your career and business goals. Social listening is one of those ideas that’s making inroads into the world of finance.

The concept is simple: listen to your clients. Listen to them while you’re with them, of course, but also “listen” to what they are saying on social media. Social listening refers to tapping into clients’ public social media posts to gain insights and information about what’s important to them.

Social listening for financial consultants serves several purposes. First, as you’re about to enter into a new contract position, listening (or reading) the social media chatter for your potential clients helps you understand the industry, environment, and concerns they express.

You’ll also gain valuable insight into their particular clients. An auditing firm may receive questions from clients or share articles of particular interest on social media. All of this adds up to a portrait of your clients that, as a financial consultant, can help you do a better job during your engagement.

Tips for active social listening:

  1. Tune into your customers regularly and often.
  2. Keep a regular schedule of social listening, and include weekend listening even with business clients.
  3. Avoid a single social media channel and instead listen across a variety of channels.
  4. Consider data in context.
  5. Technology cannot replace active social listening. While there are some tools on the market that purport to complete social listening activities, nothing replaces the human touch.

Finance recruiters are always seeking ways to help our clients improve. Social listening is a concept that, when applied to the world of contract talent and finance, opens up much potential for a deeper understanding of the needs of your clients and their constituents. Together, this can set you up in your new role to be even more effective. Give social listening a try!

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