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“I didn’t start BCforward thinking that in 25 years, we’d have this global success story. But I did know we’d be successful.”

Justin Christian, Founder & CEO BCforward

Over the last two and a half decades, BCforward has grown into one of the largest Black-owned businesses in the U.S. From our headquarters in Indianapolis to offices around the world, we empower our partners in the Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Technology, and Government to move forward faster.

One of the most significant contributors to our success has been the partnerships we’ve cultivated with our customers, business partners, and employees over the years. In fact, this dedication to collaboration has been a hallmark of our founder, Justin Christian, from the very beginning.

Diversity At The Core

“Diversity is just core to who I am.”

Justin Christian, Founder & CEO BCforward

As an organization, we are intentional about fostering a company culture that encourages authenticity and creativity. It’s a way of thinking that can be traced back to Justin’s time as a college student at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, where Justin found a sense of community among the school’s diverse student body and met his wife, Darrianne, who has been a sounding board through every phase of BCforward’s growth.

After graduating, Justin worked as a computer programmer. His dreams of entrepreneurship became reality as he transformed his business concept into the forward-thinking BCforward.

In 2016, Justin met Abhishek Sambatur at a campus event at DePauw. Christian talked about BCforward’s ambitious growth in Hyderabad, India, which was only a few minutes from Sambatur’s childhood home. That campus connection turned into an internship opportunity for Abhishek in both Hyderabad and Indianapolis, and today Abhishek leads our company’s India operations.

“The empathy shown across our seven-year relationship is unmatched,” Sambatur said, pointing to Christian’s and BCforward’s unwavering support through his immigration- and work status-related challenges.


Growing A Black-Led Business

“Building a business is very difficult. You have to be thoughtful about where you place yourself and who you put your trust in. We knew that the next phase of our growth would require more than just access to money.”

Justin Christian, Founder & CEO BCforward

BCforward’s commitment to diversity extends beyond internal operations to strategic partnerships with organizations that share similar values. One such partnership that exemplifies this commitment is our longstanding collaboration with JPMorgan Chase.

As a Black-founded and Black-led business, BCforward experiences nuances that are different from those of many other organizations. JPMorgan Chase continually endeavors to understand not only these challenges, but also who BCforward is as an organization, while giving us access to their resources and expertise.

Frederick Royall III, National Head of Diverse Businesses for JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking, said Justin’s business excellence, focus on clients, personal connections with colleagues, and focus on diversity set Justin and BCforward apart within the business world.

To further illustrate our organization’s commitment to one another, JPMorgan is not only a banking partner, they’re also a customer.

Empowering the Next Generation of Diverse Leaders

As a way to give back to their alma mater, Justin and Darrianne were instrumental in creating the Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) at DePauw.

The Christians initially sought to spruce up a room used by the Association for African American Students (AAAS)—the same space where Justin, Darrianne, and other Black students gathered two decades earlier. But the vision grew; DePauw offered a prime central location for a brand-new, modern facility that now houses the AAAS, university offices, and dozens of student affinity groups.

The Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) opened in 2017 with the goal of fostering a sense of belonging through education, engagement, and advocacy. The center strives to enhance the overall experience of students and employees from historically marginalized and underrepresented groups, primarily those representing BIPOC groups, and strengthen DePauw’s dedication to its values of diversity and inclusion by supporting an equitable space that engages the entire campus.

“The CDI has truly met our goal of allowing people—especially students of color— to come together with other students to engage in the network [now], not just after they graduate, like we did,” Darrianne said.


Looking Ahead

“A lot of our principles around diversity were just organic to who we were, and ultimately, we believe that’s what makes us assemble the best teams to develop the best outcomes.”

Justin Christian, Founder & CEO BCforward

Attracting and engaging with like-minded partners continues to be a key area of focus for leadership at BCforward. We will continue collaborating with institutions that understand that diversity and unique perspectives are competitive advantages in today’s ever-changing business environment.

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