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Our CHANGEforward consulting division collaborates with your teams to define a clear path to your biggest goals. Leveraging modern methodologies, coaching, and advanced technology, we fuel your critical initiatives, empowering your organization to drive transformation, accelerate progress, and attain measurable success.


Agile transformation

Become more customer-focused, responsive & innovative

Your organization's capacity to rapidly adapt, innovate, and respond to market changes is critical to your success in today's fast-moving business landscape. We can provide your organization with the tools and expertise to adopt agile methodologies, breaking down silos and allowing you to accelerate learning, increase efficiency, promote dynamic problem-solving, and enhance your organization's operations.

Outcomes and processes that benefit your organization:

Mindset change:
Shift mindset from traditional hierarchies to collaborative, cross-functional teams to foster a culture of experimentation, learning, and adaptability.
Sprint methodology:
Moving to sprints will enable you to allocate resources more effectively, get frequent feedback, and increase responsiveness to changes.
Cross-functional teams:
Empowering diverse teams with varied skill sets to collaborate provides a holistic problem-solving approach and improves speed-to-market.
Continuous improvement:
Teams regularly reflect on their processes to identify areas for enhancement, aiming for constant evolution and optimization.
Customer-centric approach:
Create feedback systems that encourage customer input and deliver value by focusing on customer needs and preferences.

Customer success

Global Pharma Brand

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with offices in 18 countries, our client’s products are sold in approximately 125 countries. Enabled by advanced analytics/optimization models and a transformed content ecosystem, their 40,000+ employees are focused on delivering industry-leading cross-functional HCP omnichannel orchestration.


Increase in speed to delivering industry-leading technology


Agile delivery methods enable innovation in Cloud, Marketing Automation, Quality Assurance, UI/UX, Customer Centricity, Data Analytics & Insights

Organizational change management  (OCM)

Change starts here

We utilize organizational change management (OCM) principles to support enterprise modifications, such as internal technological advancements, process alterations, and team structure changes. Collaborating with your leadership, we implement OCM strategies and techniques to streamline adoption, ease learning curves, mitigate resistance, and garner support for organizational change.

Benefits to your organization: 

OCM Strategy:
Forecast the implications of change, assess stakeholder challenges, and create a plan to enable your organization to lead and engage in transformation.
Design Research:
Identify opportunities for greater engagement and adoption from your employees and customers by leveraging human-empathy research and creative design.
Campaign strategy and visual identity:
Package your vision for the future in a comprehensive and cohesive brand identity that is unique, exciting, and engaging.
Content development and inclusive language design:
Empower individuals and teams within your organization to consider all personas and audiences when crafting content that reflects your brand.

Project Management

Plan & deliver successfully

Our Project Management (PM) services specialize in aligning organizational goals with project outcomes. We deliver repeatable, value-driven outcomes. Our services encompass capability assessment, project and portfolio management, tool implementation, talent development, and market differentiation strategies. Our focus on optimizing methodologies enables your organization to expedite the development, testing, and commercializing of products, solutions, or services.

Quality assurance

Design for reliability & resiliency

The pace of digital change requires organizations to embed quality in design. We enable your organizations to deliver manual testing, adopt automation, and reduce technical debt and rising costs so that you can maintain and enhance systems. Our team understands the importance of implementing a comprehensive quality strategy that ensures the work product is organized and delivered with engineering practices throughout the entire lifecycle.

Data science & analytics

Harness the power of your data

We help organizations unlock valuable insights from vast amounts of information by utilizing machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations to guide informed decision-making and enhance agility. Organizations that work with us are better equipped to understand user behaviors, mitigate risk, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Customer success

The Challenge

Our client needed to create an AWS cloud environment to collect data from smart devices quickly and securely to optimize the adoption of mobile apps designed to enhance adherence to a course of treatment.

Our Solution

We created a data pipeline to extract, transform, and load data from AWS S3 buckets to AWS Quicksight, built a predictive model with machine learning algorithms to predict user activities, and visualized business insights with graphs, tables, and geographic charts in one dashboard.


With our data analytics dashboard, the business teams can monitor usage and understand how well a specific product is performing in real time alongside historical trend data in a simple-to-use format.

BCforward Digital Innovation Academy

Empower your team

The BCforward Digital Innovation Academy leverages customized training programs to enhance your employee's Agile, Digital Innovation, Product Design, and Project Delivery skills. Led by certified coaches and trainers, our learning journeys encompass classroom sessions, workshops, and simulation labs, providing valuable opportunities to boost knowledge, build confidence, and address real-world challenges.

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