Make Your Application Stand Out for IT Recruiters

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IT recruiters look for good candidates in many places. Even though IT skills are in high demand, you still

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must make your resume stand out from among the many that an IT recruiter receives on a given day. To make sure your application and resume gains positive attention, use these tips.

IT recruiters look for specific qualities in candidates just as you are probably looking for specific qualities in the companies with which you work. When you’re applying to mid to senior-level consulting positions or interim positions, you need additional skills over and above strong IT skills to make your application stand out among those submitted to the recruiter.

Create a Positive Digital Footprint

Consider your online presence. Recruiters search on your name when they perform their due diligence on candidates’ applications. Your online presence, including social media posts, a blog or a website, even the comments that you leave behind on various forums and articles, create a brand impression of yourself as a candidate. Make sure that the key takeaways recruiters get from this digital footprint is that you are smart, savvy and professional. Even if you’re commenting casually on an article about fashion or current events, make sure that the impression left behind is one that enhances, rather than detracts, from your online brand presence.

Keep Skills Fresh

The IT world changes so rapidly that certification you earned last year may already by outmoded. Be sure to update your resume to reflect both professional education, such as refresher courses and additional certifications achieved, as well as skills obtained through job experience. Don’t let your skills stand idle. People who advance in their careers are constantly seeking to improve themselves.

Proofread Your Application

It sounds odd to remind professionals to proofread their applications, but you’d be surprised at the number of cover letters and resumes received which contain obvious mistakes. If writing isn’t your strong suit, ask friend for help, or hire a professional resume writer.

Never neglect your cover letter. Customize it to the IT Recruiter or the job you’re seeking. A form letter is better than no letter at all, but it still gives the impression that you do not care enough about the job to take the time to write a fresh note to the recruiter. Take your time when approaching all IT jobs, including those found through IT recruiting services.

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