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Enterprise Agility with the Cultural and Organizational Transformation 

Accelerating Value Delivery with BCforward Digital Numerous organizations are progressing beyond traditional predictive delivery models that may not work well for high-paced innovation and digital transformation initiatives. To meet their customer’s demand for a better experience and to exploit the benefits of advanced analytics and other digital technologies, corporate IT leadership needs modern and flexible ways like agile, to support and deliver the needs of their business partners.

Introducing agile into an organization is not a silver bullet; this delivery method adds another framework into an already complex and complicated IT environment.  

Introducing agile to an organization can be exciting but can also introduce chaos and decreased productivity, especially when organizational change and existing cultural norms aren’t taken into consideration. Embedding agile into an already crowded playing field causes significant change to the way people do their daily work, expand their roles, or puts them in new uncharted and unfamiliar situations. BCforward provides services that helps IT for your organization navigate and transform into agility champions. Our suite of delivery, training, advisory and governance capabilities are customized to fit your organization’s vision for the future.

Digital Innovation Academy

The BCforward Digital Innovation Academy provides individuals, teams and leadership with the mindset, skill set, and experience they need to prepare for modern technologies and delivery models.  Through the classes below, BCforward will equip your employees with the ability to hone and enhance their agile, development, engineering, and DevOps abilities.

  • • Agile Bootcamps
  • • Agile for Executives and Managers
  • • Product Owner Training
  • • Scrum Master Training
  • • Kanban Training Workshop
  • • DevOps Foundations
  • • ALM Tools Workshop
  • • Developers’ Bootcamp
  • • Scaled Agile Framework
  • • Design Thinking Workshops


BCforward offers both public and private training for teams and organizations in every industry regardless of current agile maturity or existing project management methodology.

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BCforward Digital supports enterprise agility transformation through the following services and capabilities:

Delivery excellence through optimizing existing models and infusing transformation tactics Improved portfolio alignment and value stream delivery Organizational change management for Agile Transformation

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Agile Thought Leadership

Our strength and expertise in Agile Thought Leadership is rooted in the breadth of our project management experience. We provide agile coaches, trainers, scrum masters, product owners, business analysts and solutions architect to assist your organization in transforming or scaling agile. Whether you need resources for an entire team or individual agility professionals for strategic advisory and coaching, we have the recruiting power to provide you with the flexibility necessary to stay competitive during your digital transformation. Our agility experts have experience in the most comprehensive frameworks for Agile project management, metrics and reporting, and governance.

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