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The BCforward Digital Innovation Academy provides individuals, teams and leadership with the mindset, skill set, and experience they need to prepare for modern technologies and delivery models.  We will empower your employees with the ability to hone and enhance their Agile, Innovation, and understanding of principles such as Organizational Change Management and Design Thinking. BCforward offers both public and private training for teams and organizations in every industry regardless of current agile maturity or existing project management methodology. Led by our dedicated team of certified professionals, our instructors will guide your employees through classroom learning, workshops and simulation labs to increase expertise and experience.

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SAFe Scrum Master – Applying the Scrum Master role within a SAFe Enterprise 

Leading SAFe – Applying a Lead-Agile Mindset with SAFe (2-Day Class)

 Past classes offered by the Digital Innovation Academy:

Applying a Lean-Agile Mindset with SAFe   

Scaling Agile for Leadership – SAFe for Executives Workshop

SAFe Scrum Master – Applying the Scrum Master Role Within a SAFe Enterprise



BCforward offers accelerated training for any organization:

• Agile Bootcamps • Agile for Executives and Managers • Product Owner Training • Scrum Master Training • Kanban Training Workshop • DevOps Foundations • ALM Tools Workshop • Developers’ Bootcamp • Scaled Agile Framework • Organizational Change Management Training • Design Thinking Workshops

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Digital Innovation for your organization.

Innovation Empowerment

More and more organizations are going beyond simply including “innovation” in their mission statements. Innovation is a process of which brainstorming is only a small part. Typically things like “socializing ideas to build momentum for change” and “doing experiments to generate learnings” are the key skills for innovation at every sized organization. Our innovation training program will help your employees think differently about innovation, give them the skills to make key decisions in areas such as market and product strategy, marketing, R&D, market selection and sales, and build a long-term, sustainable culture of innovation. The BCforward Digital Innovation Academy offers innovation training and support to ensure that your company will adopt and implement their new innovation skills through ongoing coaching, assessments and workshops.

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Agility Bootcamps

Agile for Teams and Leadership

Design Thinking

User Focused Processes for Solving Problems

DevOps Foundations

Mastering Aspects of Development and Delivery

ALM Tools Workshop

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Scrum Master Training

Get empowered with educational units

Product Owner Training

Delivering Customer Value When Using Agile