Information Technology Jobs: A $4 Trillion Market (and Growing)

Posted in: Staffing

Information technology jobs are a $4 trillion global market, and expected to continue growing, according to a new report on ZD Net. A group called CompTIA put together the data, which shows some interesting trends and patterns emerging about the future of the IT job market worldwide. The U.S. market makes up $1 trillion of that estimated $4 trillion global market, or about one-quarter of the industry.

The major shifts taking place among information technology jobs are shifts from site-based tech managers and programmers to programmers who can design user-friendly interfaces and people familiar with cloud-based technology. IT hardware, plus associated software and services, remain the big three service sectors in demand within the industry. Telecommunications also remains a vital and growing sector.

Although all IT jobs remain stable, information technology jobs projected to have the most demand include Chief Technology Officers, data scientists, and people skilled at data visualization.

Data now flows from so many points within a company that it’s no wonder both data scientists and data visualization experts are expected to be in demand. With more enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems coming online among companies of all sizes, and greater access than ever before to accurate and timely data, it’s now up to the data scientists and visualization professionals to turn all those numbers into reports that people throughout an organization can understand and use.

Among the many industries hiring information technology jobs, science and tech remain the kings, which is to be expected. But government, information providers, insurance and finance also rank among the top industries seeking candidates for information technology jobs.

The future looks very bright for information technology jobs. With so many industries experiencing stagnation or shrinking, it’s nice to look at an industry and feel that there’s plenty of opportunity for growth and expansion.

Throughout all segments of the economy, information technology jobs are booming. If you are a mid to senior level IT professional interested in consulting, we’d love to speak with you about how we can partner with you to help you achieve your career goals.

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