How Important Are Communication Skills for Information Technology Jobs?

Posted in: Staffing

If you think that communication skills aren’t very important for information technology jobs and careers, think again. As the world of IT grows ever more complex, information technology professionals are called upon daily to explain technology applications to marketing, sales, operations, finance and other professionals at the companies where they work.

Information Technology Jobs: More than Tech Skills

Today’s information technology jobs call for more than excellent tech skills. IT consultants who can demonstrate the following communication skills may find their resumes at the top of the batch when it comes time to choose the next project leader.

Communication skills deemed important for information technology jobs include:

  • Precise writing skills: Whether it’s documenting a project scope or creating a user manual for a new database, information technology professionals must be able to write clearly and precisely about their work.
  • Good oral presentation skills: You may be called upon to explain how a particular system works or present the proposal for a new project. Confident, engaging and clear oral presentation skills will help you succeed in many information technology jobs.
  • Strong listening skills: A good IT professional listens carefully to project requirements, but he also listens for subtext and unsolved problems. People sometimes blame the technology for not providing what they need when they’re not asking the right questions. A skilled listener can ‘hear between the lines’ and help people work through questions, issues and problems related to information technology projects.

Although communication skills may not immediately come to mind when you think about what sets great IT consultants apart from others, they have rapidly become necessities for today’s information technology jobs. Improving your communication skills may help you advance in your career.

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