Defining Agile Transformation Strategy

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Enterprise leadership (CIO, CMO) decided that Agile was the best approach for their organization to support their Advanced Analytics Strategy and called upon our PMO to provide the assist. Strategic goals to hit were:

  • Wanted clear goals for establishing the transformation’s objectives
  • Involvement of stakeholders at all levels of the organization included in the change process
  • Wanted the transformation to have a clear vision, mission, key messages and communication plan
  • Both the business and IT involvement was crucial to the success of the OCM planning and execution
  • Agile Change Management Steering Committee selected candidates for agile pilots based on readiness of the initiative, team and stakeholders

Our solution for Agile Change Management delivered:

  • Project Fit Assessment
  • Agile Playbooks and Knowledge Library
  • Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • Agile Team Readiness Plan
  • Agile Community of Practice
  • Developer Peer-to-Peer Pairing
  • Agile Improvement Diagnostic and Assessments

What Success Looks Like

After our consultation, enterprise leadership has a clear set of objectives to guide their agile transformation and all agile stakeholders were equipped with the capabilities they need to navigate the change. Objectives, key messages and program goals are defined in the Agile Change Management plan and governed by the Agile Change Management steering committee.

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