Cultivating Effective Product Ownership within Healthcare

Posted in: Agile Transformation

IT Leadership had recently adopted Agile and DevOps principles to support their Cloud Strategy initiatives. IT resources had attended Agile training but the business did not want to be involved in the scrum ceremonies or backlog grooming.

  • In many cases, agile projects were being run without product owners, leaving the scrum master or BA to determine which backlog items should be included in a sprint
  • During the sprint demo, business partners and users were disappointed with MVP
  • Business leadership did not see the need for product owners and felt it was an IT function

BCforward Developed a Customized Onboarding Program to Enhance Product Owner Performance

  • Product Management Disciplines and Playbook
  • Product Owner Job Description
  • Created Product Owner Community of Practice
  • Intermediate and Advance Product Owner Training Courses
  • Product Owner Assessment
  • Product Owner Playbook

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The Product Owner role was clearly defined and product owners have the competencies, training and support they need to effectively guide agile teams. PO’s are empowered to make “just in time” decisions and are now the Voice of the customer, assisting in important decisions that impact product roadmaps and business value attainment with their scrum teams.

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