Public Sector Program’s Request for Proposal

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Improving the RFP Process

Our client, a large state government office, came to us with a unique situation. They needed to create a Request For Proposal document (RFP), that encompasses a complex set of deliverables. Although they knew how to craft RFPs, this one was so big and high-profile that they needed assistance. Enter BCforward’s consulting division. We were able to help them create a detailed RFP that enabled them to solicit bids and select the right vendor for their program.

The Problem

State agencies and government offices are no strangers to issuing RFPs. It’s a common practice to ensure that vendors are thoroughly vetted and that taxpayer money is well-spent.

However, sometimes an RFP is so large and complex that you need a little help with it. That’s the case with this particular RFP for a complex information technology program. State IT executives knew they needed assistance with the specs for this RFP. They contacted BCforward’s consulting team for help.

The Solution

BCforward understands the challenges of creating a comprehensive RFP. We began the process of creating the state’s RFP by taking a step backward and examining years of incumbent contracts, work orders, statements of work, and purchase orders. This process enabled us to both understand and document the full history of the program.

After completing this stage, we invited leaders from our PMO Practice Team to work with state executives to refine the model. We focused on enhancing the public and private partnership so that innovation and risk sharing continued to evolve as the program matured.

Lastly, the information gained from these steps was used to build the RFP for the state’s large IT program. The resulting RFP provided a clear, concise, and complete proposal request that spurred a competitive and robust bidding process.

The Results

The RFP was a success, and the bidding process resulted in hiring a great vendor. The program is well staged to provide years of service to the state and its citizens.