Be Transparent with Your Recruiter to Get the Best Candidate for a Role

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CIOs and others seeking to hire interim talent know that working with an IT contract staffing firm is a good way to fill vacancies with highly skilled employees. In order to get the best fit for your needs, however, you’ve got be clear and precise about why you’re hiring, and what you hope to accomplish through hiring consultants or interim help.

Help Your IT Contract Staffing Firm Help You: Define the Problem

One of the first things to do when discussing your staffing needs is to discuss the nature of the problem you hope to solve by hiring a consultant. Only then can the IT contract staffing firm find the right person to solve that particular problem.

According to CIO, most IT problems aren’t technology problems at all, but people problems. You need a skilled leader, manager and communicator in addition to someone fluent in the latest software or programming languages. That’s where an IT contract staffing firm can be of assistance. Because we get to know the people we represent, we can attest to their skills as managers, consultants, and leaders.

Defining the problem accurately – as either people, technology, or both – helps us zero in on the right candidates to assist you.

Give Consultants Time to Assess the Problem

Another way that you can achieve your goals is to allow the IT consultant time to assess and define the problem. Many companies hope their consultants will find a solution on day one, but even the best consultants need time to gather information and formulate recommendations. Good consultants do hit the ground running, but they still need time to assess and refine their solution.

Think About the Future

Lastly, even though you are seeking interim help or a consultant to help you solve a problem, consider the future of your organization. If the consultant fills a gap now, will that gap still be there after the consultant’s contract ends? If so, how do you plan to fill that gap? A strong staffing plan that grooms future leaders from within the company, helping them develop to their full potential as future leaders, is the best way to prevent future staffing gaps. You’ll always have someone ready to step into a leadership role if you’re helping your current team grow and succeed professionally.

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