AWS Cloud Strategy for Government

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BCforward led the Agency’s cloud strategy to centralize and modernize information management services leveraging a high availability data center setup with back-up support from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Bandwidth and availability in rural counties made it challenging to host the program centrally based on available technology. BCforward assisted the Agency in developing a cloud transformation program to successfully migrate the individual county servers, data, application, and back-end scripts at a local, high availability, secure data center.

This approach streamlined user access at the county level and minimized security risks associated with a multi-tenant access model. Upon migration, responsibility for network support, security updates, in addition to the existing software and hardware support, resided with the BCforward team.

Following this transformation, BCforward implemented E-filing capabilities across multiple partners (county, state and federal level) to standardize data and ensure information could be sent directly in electronic format. This automation replaced physical data entry, reduced paper waste and improved productivity by reducing trips between physical sites to transport records. With the new capability, data is secure and immediately available as a single source of truth across stakeholder groups.

BCforward also delivered new functionality to provide long-term storage utilizing AWS. The Agency was able to reduce investment in their own infrastructure and instead utilized highly-available, fortified platforms with local and regional redundancy. This solution provides access to materials for activities that have been closed for more than 30-days and makes existing, high performance infrastructure available for in-flight activities.

What Success Looks Like

The automated business processes were assessed and confirmed expected overhead savings for the Agency statewide. The AWS migration reduced immediate hardware maintenance and replacement costs, and allowed the Agency to sunset aging equipment without risk to operations.

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