Building Agile Skills and Competencies in Pro Sports

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Project team leads have decided to “do Agile” to support their digital content creation and mobile application development initiatives but there were several definitions of what that means. Throughout IT, there were differing levels of understanding of Agile and no clear strategy for transitioning to this new way of delivering projects.

  • No DevOps Structure or Reference Architecture
  • No clear understanding of SCRUM vs, TDD or other Agile Methodologies
  • Teams felt that holding Agile ceremonies was optional
  • Application Development teams don’t understand SCRUM, microservices architecture or continuous development strategies
  • No formal agile training or certifications in the organization

BCforward’s Digital Innovation Academy was the solution to build Agile competencies through customized training and simulation labs.

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What Success looks like:

Teams were given classes such as Agile Bootcamps, DevOps

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Foundations, Advanced Scrum Master Labs, and Agile for Leadership to enhance their understanding of Agile techniques and to provide the foundational Agile knowledge needed to become a true Agile organization. BCforward also provided an Enterprise Agile Coach to support the newly trained teams and help them through their agile journey.

Agile teams now exhibit the competencies needed for end-to-end ownership of business and technology outcomes. Teams have a shared foundation of Agile knowledge tailored for their organization.

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