Government Agency Infrastructure Upgrade

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Our client, a state government agency, needed an infrastructure upgrade. They also needed a gap analysis to assess the office’s project management methods. BCforward was able to help with both IT and project management needs to improve efficiency throughout the government office.

The Problem

The State Office originally contracted with BCforward Consulting on an IT Operational strategic initiative. They needed someone to assess and prioritize a list of proposed application and IT infrastructure upgrade projects and perform a gap analysis of the Office’s project management methodology. Such an analysis paved the way for implementing a technical infrastructure upgrade to help the state improve efficiency.

The Solution

BCforward conducted a complete assessment of current proposed IT projects, strategies, communications and project management methodologies.

The assessment and prioritization of future projects were done in a highly collaborative setting and resulted in a detailed set of recommendations. These recommendations integrated IT and Project Management strategies that focused on best practices, process improvement, cost reductions and a technical infrastructure upgrade to provide a new overall IT Operational Implementation strategy.