Watch: Founder & CEO Justin Christian Accepts 2021 Mira Award

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BCforward founder and CEO Justin Christian accepts the Trailblazer Award at the 2021 Mira Awards.

Recognized as a Trailblazer

BCforward founder & CEO Justin Christian has proudly accepted the 2021 Trailblazer Award at the Mira Awards ceremony. Justin thanked his family and colleagues for their support of his work. “I don’t typically get choked up,” Christian said as he accepted the award, “but I’ve got to admit – I am right now.”

“Much of what we do at BCforward is deploy and enable teams of technology professionals all across the world to respond to critical initiatives,” Christian said, “and the business environment today is moving fast – it’s lightning speed. And that speed, combined with all the other challenges we all know about, has increased our operational complexity and business expectations. To successfully meet the expectations of our industry-leading clientele really requires an industry-leading team. I know the reason I am qualified to receive this honor is because of the world-class team at BCforward.”

The video introducing BCforward founder & CEO Justin Christian at the 2021 Mira Awards.

What is the Trailblazer Award?

According to Techpoint “The Trailblazer Award recognizes visionaries whose contributions have had lasting and significant impact on the state and its technology ecosystem. Trailblazers are among the tech community’s most inspiring and influential players. They are innovative risk-takers whose achievements and bold leadership are catalysts for growth and success.”

Previous winners of the Trailblazer Award include Kristian Andersen, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, John Wechsler, Angie Hicks, Scott McCorkle, Chris Baggott, Bobby Schnabel, Don Brown, Scott Dorsey, Bill Godfrey, Robert Compton, Jo Ann Gora, Scott Webber, Wil Davis, Michael McRobbie, Mark Hill, Scott Jones, David Becker, Lilly Endowment Inc., and Martin Jischke.

Making an Impact in Indiana

In an interview about the award with Inside Indiana Business’s Gerry Dick, Christian said “If you look around Indiana, we have some of the top educational institutions in the world. With Purdue, Notre Dame, IU, and of course my alma mater, Depauw University, and Butler University here [in Indianapolis]. So there are so many institutions to grab talent from and we’re always looking for that next person who will take BCforward to the next level.”

BCforward founder & CEO Justin Christian speaks about his Mira Award with Inside Indiana Business’s Gerry Dick.

“I know one of the many reasons you earned this reward was for your generosity,” Dick said. “What is it about your background that prompts you to want to give back to others and for organizations?”

“I always think that to whom much is given much is required,” Christian replied. “We’ve been given so much. We continue to invest as an organization in several different charities around Indianapolis. And that’s just something that is always going to be part of our DNA as an organization.”

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