Information Technology Consulting: The Pros Call in BCforward

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Who do the information technology pros call for advice? Our client needed help assessing their current project management and ticket system. The existing legacy toolset no longer met requirements, and they needed help sorting through the many potential solutions. BCforward’s  IT consulting department provided a much-needed assessment and recommendations to migrate to a completely new toolset. The results exceeded client expectations and are still used today to support a complex infrastructure.

The Problem

Our client needed a full-scale assessment of the current toolset. They also needed a partner to work with to transition from their legacy tools to a new, integrated toolset. The Atlassian suite was identified as the best solution for supporting the needs of the client’s various teams. BCforward was asked to develop a custom migration plan and the associated implementation plan.

The scope of this project covered JIRA, Confluence, Stash, & Bamboo, combined with Git and the JIRA plugin SynapseRT. Each tool was configured using a combination of industry best practices and adherence to key business requirements so that it was ready for migration and production use.

The Solution

BCforward began by documenting the existing policies and roles for the client’s legacy toolset and matching each to its counterpart in the Atlassian suite, which was then followed by the identification and simplification of the processes that would be supported. To facilitate the smooth transition across the different applications, key project leaders and stakeholders were closely involved in requirements gathering discussions, the development of the configured solutions in the new tools, and training to help drive adoption across a larger user base. Several pilot teams were involved in a small scale roll out, which was the foundation for the final production roll out across the majority of the teams in the organization.

The Results

BCforward delivered a detailed Current State Assessment involving the client’s sub-teams which led to the development of a Migration Roadmap detailing the various teams and toolsets that would be involved and impacted. After careful consideration, a set of the sub-teams were identified as ideal candidates for the Proof of Concept of the Atlassian stack and involved in a series of training sessions, demos, requirements gathering sessions and, ultimately, in developing the desired future state in the Atlassian tools. By successfully configuring the toolsets based on their needs; moving the datasets off of the legacy systems and leveraging the new customization with reporting capabilities, the success of the pilot teams paved the way for a wider adoption across the organization.

The Atlassian stack is actively being utilized today with continual improvements to drive adoption and optimize the business processes supported by these tools.